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Sensitive Souls

Eager to Please

Choosing to breed has been an easy choice in our home.  My daughter has always been very passionate about animals and the love our family has to offer our babies is abundant.  We have fallen in love with both the Cavalier and Aussalier so choosing to breed the 2 breeds was easy. 


The Cavalier can come in a total of 10 different colors.  The 4 traditional colors, Blenheim, Tri, Ruby and Black and Tan but also the chocolate version of these colors, the Chocolate Blenheim, Chocolate Tri, Chocolate Ruby and the Chocolate and Tan as well as the all black and the black and whites.  

Cavaliers love to be with its family and loves attention.  They are cheerful, playful and very intelligent.  They are generally well behaved, but can sometimes be timid or stubborn. Cavaliers are devoted to their loved ones but can be suspicious around strangers.

The Aussalier is a small fluffy dog breed. Rose Garden Kennels selectively breeds this mix by using purebred Toy Australian Shepherd with a pure Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

The Aussalier is made of two breeds whom are known to

be very tuned into their owners. Often called "sensitive souls,"

they are much more receptive to your emotions which then 

forms a close emotional bonds with their owners.