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Recommended Items to bring your puppy home

Dry Food

We highly recommend Nature's Logic and we start with Turkey but they are eating Duck and Salmon when they are ready to go home!  We feed this along with raw to all of our adults.  Your puppy will come home with a sample but you will need at least one bag at home even if you plan to change.  The reason we chose Nature's Logic is due to the fact that there is no synthetic vitamins or minerals in the food.  

Natures Logic Duck and Salmon.jpg


This is the litter we use while training in our home.  Now I know the reality is that we all want our puppies to only go potty outside but this training tool allows you to sleep longer at night as well as gives your puppy a place to go potty if you miss their cues while in the house instead of just going on the floor.

Puppy Litter.jpg

Litter Box

You can choose to use just about anything for the litter box but here is one that is made for puppies!

litter box.webp

Chewing Options

Here are a few links to the products we use to entertain our babies while learning to be in their kennels or while just laying on the couch.  Remember chew on bones and other acceptable treats is really good for your puppies teeth!


We highly recommend you kennel train your puppy but this is not the place that your puppy will live and I feel its great to buy one crate and have it last their lifetime.  This crate comes with a divider that allows you to make it smaller for when they are young but large enough for them to have lots of room once they are older even if they just use it as a place to lay down.

Dog Crate.jpg

Exercise Pen

We highly recommend you set up an area for your puppy when they come home.  This allows you a place to put the puppies kennel, litter box and some toys so when you are busy they have a place to go where they will not need to be watched 100% of the time.  This is also a great option for nighttime so you are able to get some sleep while your puppy still has potty access and some room to move around.

Metal exercise pen.jpg

Grooming & Brushing

Brushing and combing your puppy even as a baby is very important. It both stimulates their coats but also gets them used to being groomed as an adult.  I am going to link both the comb and the slicker brush that I use as well as the brushing spray I like the most!

grooming comb.webp
Slicker brush.webp
Brushing spray.webp

Toothbrush and Toothpaste

Yes you have to brush your new babies teeth!!  This set works great for puppies to adults at a great price.  We use them on our guys as well and let me tell you we have tried many.


Mouth Spray

Dental Care is very important to all dogs but especially toy dogs since their mouths are smaller!  Here is another option to helping control Plaque & Tartar in your babies mouth.  

Moth Spray.jpg

Ear Cleaner

Cavaliers ears tend to hang which means they don't breath very well and that can lead to ear issues.  We highly recommend this ear cleaner as it smells really nice and it helps reduce the risk of infection in your babies ears!!

Ear Cleaner.jpg

Pet Bed

We love this pet bed for all of our fur babies!!  It is so soft and many times I find not only my pets laying on this pillow but also my kiddos!!

donut bed.webp

Food Storage

We cannot say enough good things about gamma vaults!  We store all our pet food in them!  They keep food fresh and dry!

Food Storage.jpg
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