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What is a Guardian Home? 

A guardian home is an important role in our breeding program.  Unfortunately keeping all the dogs in our home isn't something that is possible but in the long run it is the best thing for our babies!!  A guardian home helps us out by loving on one of our babies, that we hope to use in our breeding program, in their home giving us the ability to evaluate and determine if they are suitable for breeding.  If they are determined to be suitable for breeding, the mommas come back to our homes and have a few litters and then retire to their guardian homes couch for the rest of their lives!!  We love to have the families come over and snuggle the babies for us and they get to experience the excitement of the birth and playing with puppies without the mess in their own homes.  When a male is determined suitable for breeding they only have to spend a few days or even hours of a few days with us and then can be back on their couch with their people in a short amount of time.  We also help and encourage families interested in conformation, obedience, rally, fast cat, or even dock diving in 4H or AKC Juniors or AKC Breed. Show weekends with us can be a lot of fun!!

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Meet our Guardian Home Families

Kazimierz with Danielle, Josh, Cameron and Aurora

Story Coming Soon!!

Motley with Elizabeth, Julia and Olivia

Story Coming Soon!!

2023-08-09 10.40.07.jpg

Twyla with Penny and Peggy

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Kenzie with Nick and Herschel

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Vivian with Jean and John

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